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Replacing your windows can help improve your home's look, add long lasting value and help you save on energy bills. Let's get started today!

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Why Replace Old Windows?

You look through them every day and how often do you think about what impact your existing windows have on the beauty, value, and inside comfort of your home? Replacing your windows can help improve the look and add long lasting value plus save on energy bills.

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Energy Efficiency

Some of the biggest drains on the energy efficiency of your home are drafts between the sash and frame and single glazed or insulated clear glazing that offers very little insulating value. These drains add up to real dollars on your heating and cooling bills giving a very good reason to replace your windows.

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Kubala Home Improvement window installation services are affordable and include all varieties of windows: casement, double-hung, bay, fixed, awning and more. We install new windows and replace existing windows using only the best materials.

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Your home is one of the most valuable investments you will make and replacing the windows will add greatly to your investment. You only want to replace your windows once and you must choose a window that will last a lifetime. Research shows that the best types of windows on the market today are vinyl windows. Compared to wood windows, vinyl windows do not have the expansion and contraction problems that wood windows often have (which will leave gaps for heat to pass through). Also the insulation values are much higher in vinyl windows compared to wood windows. A lifetime non-prorated warranty is also a major factor to ensure the windows are serviceable in the future.


Scrapping, painting, and caulking are constant chores with older windows. Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free, inside and out, so they never need painting or staining.


Curb appeal is important if you’re planning on selling your home and is a great beauty enhancement if you’re going to continue living in your house. Replacing your windows not only lowers maintenance and improves energy efficiency, it also makes your home more visually appealing.
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